Willie Golden and Texas Boy of @DailyBreadRecords and @poc5ive produced the beat and recorded at the Globethreat Studio in Austin, Texas. The song Features the number one signed Swishahouse Rapper @Highwayyella. He killed it and goes last. Globethreat Media did the Video RIP Jordan Levine @officialgoldhouse

Globethreat X J.Play "Got Em Twerkin' (Bounce It Up)"

What you waited for all summer is here! Globethreat teamed up with Twerkout Champion J.Play to create a song for girls to twerk too. Willie Golden was the executive producer with TexasBoy CEO of Daily Bread Records and J. Play helping produce and arrange.

Chopped and Screwed by DJ Michael 5000 Watts

This is the new Twerk song by Globethreat and Twerkout princess J. Play. To see regular version youtube search:

Got Em Twerkin Globethreat

NEW “Grind” Video and screwfest recap video@bottom of page

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Sat 4/11 at 7pm CST 

Ya'll ain't ready

Girls Twerkin as we review our latest music videos and new releases.

SLIDE Feat. Globethreat & Swishahouse

Produced by Willie Golden and Featuring Thugg Merrkk, Texas Boy, Willie Golden, Poc5ive, and Statement

Texas Ranch Music Video

Feat: Texas Boy from Daily Bread Records, Thugg Merrkk from Merrkk Muzic, Poc5ive from Dallas, and Big Rob and Willie Golden from Austin. Song was produced by Willie Golde

NEW Music Video

Benji FT. Wasteland, Willie Golden, and Poc5ive

Ralph La'ron Music Video Just Dropped


Lots of girls in Video!

Listen to Globethreat Soundcloud

Listen to Globethreat Soundcloud


Listen to Globethreat Soundcloud

Listen to Globethreat Soundcloud

Listen to Globethreat Soundcloud

Globethreat Records from the south video

“Globethreat Records”

feat: Texas Boy, Willie Golden, Poc5ive, and Big Rob

written and produced by Willie Golden.

"Fresh OFF The Lot" Music Video

FEAT: 5ive, Faulk, & Willie Golden. Engineered by Deuce Bennett. 

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Beats by Willie Golden

I grew up here in Austin Texas. The record label is made up of Austin Rappers. All beats are original and everything is written and produced by Willie Golden at Globethreat Studio in Austin TX. 


Our first Video Ever LMAO "Do it Again" Feat: Buttery T, e, Faulk, & Willie Golden

Mixed and mastered by TRUDAY Studio. Contact Paul at



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